Tough Tour 2025

Tough Tour 2025

Get ready for The TT2025 edition of the annual Tough Tour!!!


5 days of riding across Nigeria, with you choosing your route! Starting and ending in Makurdi while running from the 3rd to the 7th of February 2025, this edition of the Tough Tour gives tourers the opportunity to make a very interesting choice.


As usual, "finishers" must ride a minimum of 2500km, however if one rides less than 2,500km, misses any check-in (but one) or is a pillion, then one is considered a "participant"  ;-)


The Mileage Monger, The Farthest Starter and other "strictly_by_merit" "doings" will separate the doers from the DOERS!


Pick the route you want but make sure you check in at the stop towns on the days they are open for check-ins.


Route choices are between the Northern Nigeria and the Southern Nigeria. Both routes offer unique and peculiar challenges so choose wisely. And of course, once you have made your choice, you decide on how best to get to your target stop town for the day.


Option 1 Start/Stop towns are as follows

Day 1; Makurdi to Jalingo

Day 2; Jalingo to Gombe

Day 3; Gombe to Kano

Day 4; Kano to Keffi

Day 5; Keffi to Makurdi


Option 2 Start/Stop towns are as follows

Day 1; Makurdi to Port Harcourt

Day 2; Port Harcourt to Ibadan

Day 3; Ibadan to Abuja

Day 4; Abuja to Zaria

Day 5; Zaria to Makurdi


For Day 1, Check In Opens at 06.00am in Makurdi & Closes at 08.00pm of same day in the stop town

For Day 2, 3 and 4 Check In Opens at 06.00am in Stop towns of the previous day & Closes at 08.00pm of same day in the stop town for the day.

For Day 5, Check In Opens at 06.00am in Keffi/Zaria & Closes at 05.00pm of same day in Makurdi


All check-in for the day each to be submitted to Admin on or before 10pm on DAY 1, 2 3 and 4 of the tour and before 6pm on Day 5, being the 7th of February 2025.


At 7pm of the 7th of Feb, 2025, the #TT2025 Finisher's Banquet and Awards Ceremony will take place in Makurdi.


Registration for the tour gives you 

  • a chance to win an all-expense paid night at the Finishers/Award Banquet Hotel for the TT2026, 
  • a chance to win a fully registered slot in the TT2026.
  • a chance to earn your prestigious TT2025 Finisher's Pin
  • a seat at the Finishers/Award Banquet for the TT2025 in Makurdi as well as to receive an Appreciation Plaque for participating (minimum one check-in required), and the Tough Tour 2024 goodies bag (contains TT Head/neck Tube, TT Patch, TT Stickers, munchies and a couple of more goodies) 


Clear your calendar and plan to be a part of this adventure!!

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