Tour Check-in Procedure

Tour Check-in Procedure

The New TT Camera App has made tour check-ins easier and flexible.

 How to use the App?
• Download from your device play store (IOS & Andriod)
• Take a picture (showing your odometer, bike & yourself) 
• Camera stamps geo-location, time, and date.
• Picture saves in the app album.
• Share selected pictures with admin via any of these channels; E-mail (, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

 Tour Verification Timeline

•  One Calendar Year Tours(Nigerian Bridges, National Parks, and International Rider’s Tours): Check-in pictures are valid for 30 days or by the 31st of December of the tour year (whichever comes first).

•  Time-Bound Tours/Runs (IBR, Custom, True Cross, and Nigerian Cross Tours): Check-in pictures are valid for 7days.

•  Annual Tour (TT2022, TT2023…): Check-in pictures are valid only on the day they are taken.

Check-In Pictures need to be shared with the TT admin via any of these channels; 
E-mail (, WhatsApp, or Telegram for validation within the time given per tours above.

Enjoy and share your experience ☺️.

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