Tour Check-in Procedure

Tour Check-in Procedure

The New TT Camera App has made tour check-ins easier and flexible.


 How to use the App? (Check-in Procedure)

  • Download and install the TT Camera App from your Android or IOS device play store.
  • Camera stamps geo-location, time, and date.
  • Picture saves in the app album.
  • Tourers are advised to ensure the TT Camera App is fully functional on their mobile device before embarking on their tours/runs. It remains the responsibility of the user of the TT Camera App to ensure it is properly installed and running as expected on the installed device.
  • Send check-in photos (appropriately labeled) along with Proof of Payment of the tour being sought for validation to admin BY EMAIL ONLY at 

A check-in will require 2 pictures ONLY

  1. First picture will show the odometer (NOT TRIP ODOMETER) reading of your motorcycle at the check-in location.
  2. Second picture will show the tourer with the motorcycle at the check-in location.

Check-ins remain valid till the last day of the year in which they were taken.


The validation and certification will be difficult to start without the appropriately labeled photos and route information. Sending unlabeled and duplicated check-in photos will further impede the start of the process and should be avoided.• Shared pictures should be labeled to indicate what the Picture is for.



 Tour Verification Timeline


•  All check-ins for all tours except the Annual Tour (TT2022, TT3000 etc) remain valid till the last day of the year in which they were taken (31st of December of the tour year).

•  For Time-Bound Tours/Runs (IBR, Custom, True Cross, and Nigerian Cross Tours): Check-in pictures are only valid in chronological order and it is impossible to undertake two or more of these time-bound tours, simultaneously.

•  Annual Tour (TT2022, TT2023…): Check-in pictures are valid only on the day they are taken.


The only acceptable way to turn in check-ins is via email ONLY at


Enjoy and share your experience ☺️.


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