The Nigeria Cross Tour

The Nigeria Cross Tour

The Nigeria Cross Tour requires participants to ride to each of the towns at the tips of the Nigerian Cross namely: Ikot Abasi (Via Ikot Akan) Akwa Ibom State; Katsina, Katsina State; Okuta, Kwara State and Yola, Adamawa State.

From lowlands in the south to mountains in the southeast, central hills and plateaus, and plains in the north, The Nigerian Cross Tour will push your endurance and skills to the very limit. You will experience the equatorial climate in the south, the tropical climate in the central region and it will get semi-arid as you ride into the north.

You will be expected to cover a minimum distance of 2700km within 10 days! This does not include the ride to the start point and the ride back from the endpoint. (We told you this is not for the faint-hearted 😉).

Once your registration is successful, you will receive your Participation Pack, which comprises – Tough Tourer duffel bag, Tough Tourers patch, and sticker.

The clock starts ticking after you make your first “check-in” using the TT Camera App.

The Nigeria Cross Tour is not the same as The Nigeria True Cross Tour, and both tours cannot be done concurrently.

After you complete the tour, it will be reviewed and verified by the TT Board before you are declared a Finisher and awarded with your Nigeria Cross Tour Pin, which validates your ride completion.

Sounds tough enough for you? Then sign up right after you read the rules and procedures.



  1. You must register online before you can be certified.
  2. You can only participate in the tour with the motorcycle or trike indicated in your profile.
  3. The tour starts the moment you make your first “check-in”.
  4. During the Tour, participants must adhere to the Nigerian Highway Code and obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  5. Alcohol intake or use during the Tour is strictly prohibited, and the organizers will not be held liable for any incidences arising from its consumption.
  6. You must check-in at the FOUR (4) designated Checkpoints of the Nigerian Cross Tour namely:
  • Ikot Abasi (via Ikot Akan),Akwa Ibom State(
  • Katsina, Katsina State (

  • Okuta, Kwara State (

  • Yola, Adamawa State (

8. You may check-in in any sequence and by any route you desire.
9. The stipulated time for completion of The Nigerian Cross Tour is TEN (10) DAYS. There is no special recognition if you complete the tour before the stipulated time.
10. No time extension is given for repairs, weather effects, illness, etc. Remember this event is a tour and not a race.


  1. Download and install the TT Camera App from your Android and IOS device play store.

    The TT Camera App is to be used for check-ins at the designated checkpoints and is the only acceptable check-in method for tours and runs.

    Tourers are advised to ensure the TT Camera App is fully functional on their mobile device before embarking on their tour.

  2. To validate your check-in, you are required to take photographs in front of any of the approved landmarks to capture the following details:
      • Yourself with your motorcycle
      • Motorcycle dash to show odometer reading (bike mileage)
      • Yourself or motorcycle in view, in front of any of the approved landmarks at the designated checkpoints.
  3. The following are approved landmarks:
  • A government building
  • A hospital
  • A church/mosque
  • A school


N25,000.00. Payment of the registration fee entitles you to the following: Tough Tourer duffel bag, Balaclava, TT Patch, and Sticker.


After verification of your Check-in photographs by the TT Board, you will be deemed to have completed the Tour. You will receive The Nigerian Cross Tour Pin, which certifies your completion of the tour.


By signing up for this tour, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below:
– I agree to adhere to the tour rules. No changes to these rules are authorized.

– Tour registration is not transferable. I agree to No refund for any canceled tour or unfinished tour.
– I agree to assume full responsibility for any risk of personal bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of or related to this event.
– I understand and agree that I will be responsible for my medical treatment including evacuation in the case of an accident or medical emergency during the tour.
– I agree to indemnify and hold Tough Tourers, its affiliates, their officers, representatives, and Tough Tourers’ participants, from any and all liabilities, loss, damage, or cost arising out of or related to this event.
– I am aware that riding a motorcycle/trike is an inherently risky undertaking and will take all precautions to prevent an accident.
– I hereby grant permission to the TT Board to use my pictures, name, and story in traditional and digital media, for the purposes of the press and public relations.

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