The Iron Bum Run

The Iron Bum Run

The Iron Bum Run (IBR) provides unique challenges that will stretch your endurance as a long distance rider.

The IBR 1000 challenges a rider to cover a minimum distance of 1000km in 24hours

The IBR 1500 challenges a rider to cover a minimum distance of 1500km in 24hours

The IBR 2500 challenges a rider to cover a minimum distance of 2500km in 48hours

You can choose any 1 of these challenges or break your limits with all 3 run.

This Ride needs to be completely documented using the TT Mobile App. In order to keep these rides from becoming races, the fastest completion time will not be stated.

Please keep in mind, the hours are wall clock time, not riding time.

Your ride commences with the date and time indicated on your first check in with the TT App

The finish date and time from the final check in will be used to calculate the elapsed time of your journey.

So choose any route you wish: When the ride is over, you have survived not only a very tough ride, but you'll also be certified one of Nigeria’s Toughest Riders.



  1. You must register on the website before you can embark on your Ride.
  2. You can only participate in the tour with the motorcycle or trike as indicated in your profile.
  3. The tour starts the moment you make your first “check-in”.
  4. During the Tour, participants must adhere to the Nigerian Highway Code and obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  5. Alcohol intake or use during the Tour is strictly prohibited, and the organizers will not be held liable for any incidences arising from its consumption.
  6. You must check-in at every fuel stop using the TT App with your instrument cluster in view. The last check-in must be done within 24hours of the first check-in for IBR 1000 & 1500, and within 48hrs for IBR 2500.
  7. You may check-in in any sequence and by any route you desire.
  8. The stipulated time for completion of Ride is 24hrs (for The IBR1000 & The IBR 1500) and 48hrs (for The IBR 2500).
  9. No time extension is given for repairs, weather effects, illness etc. Remember this event is a tour and not a race.



  1. Download and install the TT app from the download link sent to the email provided in your registration form.
    This TT app will be used to check-in at the designated checkpoints and is the only check-in method permitted for this tour.
  2. To validate your check-in, you are required to take several photographs to capture the following details:
    • Yourself with your motorcycle
    • Motorcycle dash to show odometer reading (bike mileage) at every fuel stop.



A Rider that successfully completes any 1 of the Iron Bum Runs will be certified, and will receive a certificate, a Tough Tourer pin and a sticker with our logo - Nigeria's Toughest Riders.


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