Motorcycle Touring just got a lot more fun with Tough Tourers!
Rake up the miles on your motorcycle, while exploring the sights and sounds of Nigeria in the unique way that only motorcycling can provide.

We all know long distance riding is a feat not for the faint-hearted…it takes a CERTAIN KIND OF RIDER, and through our variety of tours and activities, we aim to foster a better riding culture, and  help each other become THAT CERTAIN KIND OF RIDER.

Tough Tourers is not affiliated to any group or organization, and with our emergence in the Nigerian Motorcycling scene, we hope that more riders will be encouraged to engage in motorcycle touring.

When you successfully complete any of our rides, you will receive a “medal of honor” in recognition for your efforts. Our tours and rides are open all year round, with our first annual “rally” being held in the first quarter of 2018.

This site serves to de-mystify the art and science of long-distance riding, as we share technical information and “nuggets” from successful and experienced riders.

So come on and ride through tough terrain, tough weather, and tough roads, and emerge as one of Nigeria’s Toughest Riders!

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