Tougher Tour 2022

Tougher Tour 2022

The 2022 edition of the annual tough tour comes with a twist, this is not your regular TT.


This 5th edition is the Tougher Tour and will see tourers touring across Nigeria covering a minimum distance of 3000km.


The Tougher Tour (#TougherTour3000) will be held in the first quarter of 2022 (7th of March to 11th of March) is the 5th annual tour and will involve a 5/6-day tour across Nigeria.


Each day’s ride will always end at a “Stop Point”, where participants can spend the night.

The tour provides riders with the opportunity to experience roads less traveled and enjoy the “scenic” routes offered by our beautiful country.


To qualify as a participant, the Tourer/pillion/passenger is required to have done a minimum of one timely check-in during the Tougher Tour 3000.


To qualify as a finisher, the Tourer is required to have driven or ridden their TT registered vehicle covering a minimum of 3000km while completing all the required check-ins during the tour.


So, start making your plans, and as the tour date approaches, prepare for the experience of a lifetime, as we start from Kano, Kano state, and find our way around Nigeria, with the end destination as Lagos on a motorbike or in a vehicle, you decide on what machine to run the tour with!


1. Tourers are required to register for the tour before they can obtain their Participation Pack.

2. The only vehicle permitted for this event is the vehicle indicated in your profile.

3. The tour begins on the designated start date and runs for five (5) consecutive days.

4. During the tour, participants must adhere to the Nigerian Highway Code and obey all traffic rules and regulations.

5. Alcohol intake or use during the tour is strictly prohibited and the organizers will not be held liable for any incidences arising from its consumption.

6. All participants are expected to “check-in” at the designated Tough Tour “Check-in” points at the times that they are open.

7. The “Start point” and daily “Stop points” are open from 12 am on day 1 (7th of March, 2022). Every stop point closes at 11:59 pm on the designated day.

8. The Tough Tourer App is the ONLY permitted method of Check-in. The Tough Tourer App is available on the Android OS.

9. To qualify as a tour participant, you must have at least one accurate check-in done during the TT2022. Participants will receive the participation plaque in recognition.

10. Only verified Finishers will receive the TT2022 Finisher’s pin.

11. There will be no extended time for repairs, weather effects, illness, etc.

12. Tourers are allowed FIVE (5) DAYS to complete The Tough Tour.

13. Tourers are required to use the Tough Tourer App to conduct all “Check-in procedures and must include pictures of the participants, their bikes or vehicle, and corresponding mileage at the time of Check-in.



TT Designated “Check-in” locations.

Tourers are expected to check-in in the TT2022 designated “start” and “stop” towns.


Tough Tour 2022 Daily Stop and Start towns.


Note: All participants arrive at the Start Point location in good time to start on the 7th of March 2022. 

*All check-in points open at 12 am, 7th of March,2022.


Start Point

End Point


Day 1

7th March 2022

Kano, Kano State.

Bauchi, Bauchi State.


11:59 pm      

7th March 2022


Day 2

8th March 2022

Bauchi, Bauchi State.

Abuja, FCT.


11:59 pm   

8th March 2022. 


Day 3

9th March 2022

Abuja, FCT.

Umuahia, Abia State.


11:59 pm      

9th March 2022


Day 4

10th March 2022

Umuahia, Abia State.

Akure, Ondo State

 11:59 pm      

10th March 2022


Endpoint/Day 5

11th March 2022

Akure, Ondo State.

 Lagos, Lagos State.


11:59 pm 

11th March 2022.



Tourers are encouraged to ply the route of their choice on the TT2022, with consideration to tourers' individual goals (finishing as a participant or a finisher).

The TT Board will not be suggesting routes.



Tourers are required to carry out “Check-In” procedures to verify their participation in the TT2022. This procedure involves the use of the TT Camera App. 

The app will capture your location, time, and date. You are required to share your check-in pictures with the TT admin within 12hours of your check-in.

Download and install the TT Camera App from your Android and IOS device play store.

The TT Camera App is to be used for check-ins at the designated checkpoints and is the only acceptable check-in method for the tour.

Tourers are advised to ensure the TT Camera App is fully functional on their mobile device before embarking on their tours/runs.

Tourers are responsible for sharing their check-ins with the TT admin, and all check-in MUST be completed before 11:59 pm on the last day of the TT2022 (11th March 2022).

• Pictures captured by TT2022 participants during check-in procedures must show the participants, their motorcycle, trike, or vehicle, and instrument cluster, showing mileage at the time of check-in.

• A participant is declared a finisher of the TT2022 upon successfully carrying out all required check-ins while racking up a minimum of 3000km.

• Only certified Finishers will receive the TT2022 Finishers Pin that certifies their ride completion.

• All verified participants will receive a participation plaque.



The TT Board will be offering hotels suggested by Tourers.

Tourers are encouraged to search out Lodging alternatives that meet their unique needs and share their proposed hotels with the TT Board, to this end the stop towns will be released well in advance to help tourers sort out their lodgings. 

The TT Board does not guarantee that the hotels suggested by Tourers will meet all financial and lodging expectations.

The TT Board can help with booking hotels in advance. This service will end on the 1st  of March 2022 (more information will be communicated to registered tourers).

The TT Board will not be held responsible for the conditions of suggested hotels.




The registration fee of N30,000.00 entitles tourers to the following; TT Participation pack, Participation plague, and upon successful completion of the TT2022, the distinguished Finisher’s PIN.



•  By signing up for this tour, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below:

•  I agree to adhere to the tour rules. No changes to these rules are authorized.

• Tour registration is not transferable. I agree with No refund for any canceled tour or unfinished tour.

• I agree to assume full responsibility for any risk of personal bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of or related to this tour.

• I understand and agree that I will be responsible for my medical treatment including evacuation in the case of an accident or medical emergency during the tour.

• I agree to indemnify and hold Tough Tourers, its affiliates, their officers, representatives, and Tough Tourers’ participants, from any and all liabilities, loss, damage, or cost arising out of or related to this tour.

• I am aware that riding a motorcycle/trike is an inherently risky undertaking and will take all precautions to prevent an accident.

• I hereby grant permission to the TT Board to use my pictures, name, and story in traditional and digital media, for the purposes of the press and public relations.



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