Tough Tour 2023

Tough Tour 2023

The 2023 edition of the annual Tough Tour comes with yet another twist!

5 days. Starting on the 6th of February, 2023 and ending on the 10th!

Ride a minimum of 2500km to be a finisher. If you ride less, you are a participant ;-)

Pick the route you want but make sure you check in at the stop towns on the days they are open for check-ins.

The start and end town is Lokoja. The TT2023 gives participants the option of two directions for travel....

Clockwise (Option A) or Anticlockwise (Option B). Participants can choose whatever direction of travel they want and will maintain their chosen option from the start to the finish of the tour, while carrying out all the required daily check-ins.

So in a step by step process, the TT2023 goes thus:

Start town: Lokoja. Start Check-in: no earlier than 6:30am

Day 1 end check-in town: Kaduna (Option A) or Ilorin (Option B)Check-in closes at 11:00pm

Day 2 end check-in town: Shendam (Option A) or Nsukka (Option B)Check-in closes at 11:00pm

Day 3 end check-in town: Nsukka (Option A) or Shendam (Option B)Check-in closes at 11:00pm

Day 4 end check-in town: Ilorin (Option A) or Kaduna (Option B). Check-in closes at 11:00pm

Day 5 finish check-in town: Lokoja. Check in closes 5:00pm

Reception in Lokoja for arriving tourers on the 5th day opens at 11am for photo-ops against backdrop

Finisher’s Banquet starts at 7pm during which Finisher’s Pins and Awards are presented.



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