Tough Tourers Elite App

3 Apr 2017 News & Update


The Tough Tourers Elite App is intended to help tough tourers check-in at designated check points during a given tour, interact with other tough tourers more quickly and share stories efficiently.

After installing the Mobile App, you will be able to:

  1. Check-in
  2. Post story updates to timeline
  3. Join group discussion
  4. Manage your profile

Installation and Login

Prior to downloading Tough Tourers Elite App, please be sure that you have successfully registered for an event at After the Mobile App has been installed and opened, you will need to register with your email (same as the one used on along with your profile picture (optional) firstname, lastname, bike info, plate, and password.


Application Usage Overview
You can access several Tough Tourers Elite App functions through the tab menu below, the floating check-in icon, the share image and share location icons in the tour story section.

Tab menu contains

  • Home – A timeline of the tough tourers feed for all tour stories shared
  • Group Chat – A group discussion channel
  • Notifications – Information about who has liked, or commented on your posts
  • Profile – Information about you, and a list of your personal tour story

How to share photo story

  1. Click on the “Share Photo” icon
  2. On the next page, click on the camera icon to take a photo
  3. Optional, enter your tour story in words
  4. Click on the “post” icon to share your story

How to share location story

  1. Click on the “Share Location” icon
  2. On the next page, wait for a few seconds for the app to capture your current location
  3. Click on the “post” icon to share your location

How to check-in for a tour

  1. Click on the “Pin” icon (bottom left)
  2. On the next page, select the tour for the check using the dropdown
  3. Click on the camera icon to take a photo
  4. Click on the “post” icon to check-in

Walk Through Video (No Voice Over)

Tough Tourers Elite Walk-Through from Asheori Research on Vimeo.