TT 2018

The Tough Tour 2018


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The premier event for all Tough Tourers is the Tough Tour. The 2018 edition will be held in the first quarter of 2018 (12th of March to 17th of March, 2018) and will involve a 5/6 day tour around Nigeria. Every day will see participants stopping at the “check point” town for the night. The tour will also afford its participant the to go on the roads less travelled and enjoy the “scenic” routes offered by our beautiful country. The event ends with the “Finisher’s Banquet” and the great thing about it is that you don’t need to have been on the tour to enjoy the banquet. So start making your plans and keep checking back for more details of the exact route, start and end town, as the tour date approaches.


  • You must have completed and submitted the registration form for this event. You should have your Participation Pack (Balaclava, Rules and Participation Patch) before embarking on this tour.
  • The only vehicle permitted for this event is the motorcycle or trike that you registered for the event, and the entire trip must be done on your tour-registered motorcycle or trike.
  • The tour begins on the designated start date and runs for six (6) consecutive days.
  • During the tour, participants must adhere to the Nigerian Highway Code and obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  • Alcohol intake or use during the tour is strictly prohibited, the organizers will not be held liable for any incidences arising from the intake or use of alcohol.
  • The Tough Tour will consist of five designated stop points (END Point inclusive).
  • There will be no extended time for repairs, weather effects, illness etc.
  • You are allowed FIVE (5) DAYS to complete The Tough Tour and the 6th day will hold the Finisher’s Banquet”
  • The Tough Tour will require participants to go through designated “Stop Towns” which will be their Check in Locations.
  • Every Check in Location must be visited within the time that the check point is open. Check point open