When the going (ride) gets tough, the tough get going (riding), and what better way to demonstrate this than riding beyond Nigeria’s borders.
The International Rider Tour is open to riders interested in cross border moto touring.
This is the only event that is certified after the tour.
Once you have successfully certified your ride, you will receive a Tough Tourer patch and sticker, Balaclava, an International Rider Tour Pin, and patches of the countries visited.

You will be required to fill an “Award Claim” form,  provide evidence of border crossings (entry/exit stamp in you international passport), copies of the bike’s international documents along with pictures of you and your bike in the countries you have visited (The pictures should show land marks or sign posts to corroborate your claim 😉)

Certification costs N15,000.00 along with the added cost of 2,000.00 per country patch as required.


  • You must register online before you can be certified.
  • You must register the motorcycle/trike you used during the tour, (verifiable with photographs you provide for the certification process).


  • N15,000.00. The registration fee entitles you to a TT Patch and sticker, Balaclava,  and an International Rider Pin.
  • N2,000.00 per country flag (Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast).


You will be required to provide evidence of border crossings in the form of:-

  • Entry/exit stamp on your international passport).
  • Copies of the bike’s international documents.
  • Photographs of you and your bike in the countries you visited.
  • Pictures should show landmarks or signposts to corroborate your claims.

– You must complete the “Award Claim” form.

After the TT Team has reviewed and verified all your evidence, you will receive a Tough Tourer Patch and Sticker, Balaclava, an International Rider Pin and Flag Patches of countries visited.

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