We’re an ever-growing group of  riders, who participate in TT Tours with the aim to promote and encourage motorcycle touring and long-distance riding in Nigeria, with the added advantage of being able to engage in local tourism as we get to experience the sights and sounds of Nigeria in the unique way that only motorcycling can provide.

No. However, all events must be run with a motorcycle/trike. Who owns the bike is not important, although it is expected that you are the authorized user 😉

No. However you must be old enough to legally ride a motorcycle on the road.

Long Distance Riding is not advised for new riders. We would suggest that you have at least 5000km under your belt before you attempt in long-distance riding.

As long as you are licensed to ride a motorcycle, you’re good to go.

Yes, you can. Contact us to arrange motorcycle hiring options if you live outside Nigeria.

Presently TT has no partnerships with any hotel. However, this should change soon 😉

No. All  TT Tours can be started at your own convenience, except the Tough Tour 2018, which is scheduled for 12th of March to 17th of March. Please click the Tours tab for more details of the tour you are interested in.


No. All registration needs to be completed online.

Do give about 2 to 3 weeks for your participation pack to arrive at the address you provided during registration. NIPOST is used for all pack deliveries.

Contact us BEFORE you start the event. Once you have started, you will not be allowed to change motorcycles.


You don’t need to pay to participate in any TT Tour. Payment is only required for and covers certification of your ride.

No. There are no refunds, because Personalized Participation Packs are sent out as soon as we receive your registration.

Debit/Credit card payments are currently the only acceptable forms of payment.

No. Credit/Debit card payments are the only available means of payment.


If it appears as required, yes. Otherwise your ride might not be certified. Contact us and let’s see if something can be arranged.

Contact us to send you a soft copy of the album for you to reproduce and fill to be certified.

Replacement pins are extremely expensive. Try not to lose it, but contact us for specifics.

You will have to re-register for the event if you have lost your pack.

Rides are certified within a month and your Finisher’s pin should be in your hands 2 to 3 weeks later.


Except for the TT2018, it is up to you to decide the route you want to take and its conditions.

You will need to evaluate the situation and take the appropriate actions to ensure your safety.

Sure! Rides can be done by any person or group of persons, at any time. However, only registered participants will be certified.